Making magic happen by raising money

and awareness for worthwhile organizations

Our Partners

Marie Osmond

Osmond Marie 2017

Cofounder, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

“Paul Mitchell Schools have been an amazing partner of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for more than 15 years. The dedication and passion of students and staff alike is inspiring and we are grateful for the more than $1 million they have raised for our 170 children’s hospitals. On behalf of the 10 million kids treated each year at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, thank you for putting your all into this year’s FUNraising campaign.”

Gary Sinise

Sinise Headshot3 copy

Founder, Gary Sinise Foundation

“Paul Mitchell Schools and their FUNraising campaign have been supporters of the Gary Sinise Foundation from our early days. They’ve made a positive impact on so many military and first responder families. On behalf of these grateful heroes, I thank you.”

Leeza Gibbons

Leeza Gibbons 2017 3

Founder, Leeza's Care Connection

"If I could start all over, I swear I would sign up to be a student at the Paul Mitchell Schools. These future professionals prove over and over again that they are committed to using their talents and passion for the greater good, and they really know how to spread the love!”

Kathy Buckley


No Limits

“Paul Mitchell Schools have given our kids the wings to soar and reach new heights. Many deaf children feel alone and isolated, but your support lets them believe in themselves and confidently overcome the challenges they face. Your life-changing contributions have given these children and their parents the priceless gift of hope.”

Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren 2015 -crop

Ambassador, Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST)

“Thank you, Paul Mitchell Schools, for supporting survivors of human trafficking. We need you to help us fight this horrible crime against humanity. We won't stop until every child, woman, and man is free from the grip of traffickers.”

John Paul DeJoria


Cofounder and CEO, John Paul Mitchell Systems

Our students and staff overwhelmingly tell us that they love being part of a company that cares. They want to give back and help others, and they love being able to do that as part of their job or their educational experience. Why are we so dedicated to our annual FUNraising campaign? Because it’s the right thing to do and because we care. We are here to make a difference!

Angus Mitchell

angus mitchell 2018

Co-owner, John Paul Mitchell Systems

“Twenty years ago, my father died from pancreatic cancer. Paul Mitchell had such a special way about him; everyone wanted to be near him, and I wish we had more time together. I am so excited that the Paul Mitchell Future Professionals and team members are embracing the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) to raise funds that will advance research, support patients, bring hope, and afford others more time with their loved ones.”

 Eden Sassoon

Eden Sassoon - head shot 2014

Spokesperson, Thirst Project

"My father, Vidal Sassoon, committed himself to not only enhancing his clients' lives but also supporting his fellow hairstylist community. He believed that as a whole we can produce change. Students at Paul Mitchell Schools create more money and awareness than all other schools combined. This is what makes Paul Mitchell Schools in a category all their own."

Past Partners

Betty White


Trustee & President Emeritus, Morris Animal Foundation

“I appreciate the recognition that Morris Animal Foundation has received from Paul Mitchell Schools. The animals whose lives you’re saving also thank you.”

Earvin "Magic" Johnson


Founder, Magic Johnson Foundation, Inc.

“Community is what I believe in; it is what the Magic Johnson Foundation stands for. Partnering with Paul Mitchell Schools on their FUNraising campaign shows what can happen when people truly work together and believe."

Dolly Parton


Chairperson, The Dollywood Foundation

“All of the wonderful folks at Paul Mitchell Schools love kids as much as I do, so it is an honor to work with you to bring the joy of books to kids all over America.”

Larry King


Founder, Larry King Cardiac Foundation

“Being partners with the Future Professionals at Paul Mitchell Schools goes beyond just fundraising. These individuals work as an incredible team to help save the lives of the patients we serve. We are indebted to their work and for the people they impact on a daily basis. It goes beyond just a ‘thank you.’ They are all a gift to all of our lives!”

Vidal Sassoon



Habitat for Humanity

“Paul Mitchell worked with me in London and New York; he then went on to build with John Paul DeJoria a wonderfully exciting business that has always included the necessity of giving. It is a pleasure to work with the spirit of Paul and the Paul Mitchell Schools team headed by co-owner Winn Claybaugh in this very noble cause, Habitat for Humanity.”Our students and staff overwhelmingly tell us that they love being part of a company that cares. They want to give back and help others, and they love being able to do that as part of their job or their educational experience. Why are we so dedicated to our annual FUNraising campaign? Because it’s the right thing to do and because we care. We are here to make a difference!"

Megyn Price

MEGYN PRICE-Headshot-crop square

American Humane Association

“I have never in my life seen a corporate philanthropic model like this one. You just quietly raise it and give it, and I am so touched. This process that Paul Mitchell Schools put into action is an incredible way of raising money in a limited amount of time. It’s so brilliantly done that it lights this fire in me to go on to see how can we put this in place in other corporations, churches, and schools. I’m blown away by how generous you guys are with your time and your creativity. And if there’s anyone more creative than beauty people, I just don’t know who they are.”

Danny Trejo

Danny 2


"I like the way ELSA pairs children and teens who have different needs with horses. Thank you, Paul Mitchell Schools. With your support we can continue to help kids grow. Let’s do our best!”

Sara Rue

sara-rue crop


“Paul Mitchell Schools’ FUNraising is truly changing the world! Thank you for bringing hope to survivors of human trafficking with your gifts and talents.”

Ricky and Andrea Schroder

Schroders-3 crop

Wells of Hope

“Our family watched the women and girls of Guatemala spend hours a day collecting filthy drinking water that only spreads despair and disease. Freed from this grueling task by Wells of Hope, they have the time and freedom to learn new skills and change their futures.”


Fran Drescher

Fran Drescher 2017 copy

Founder & President, Cancer Schmancer Movement

“Paul Mitchell Schools are a shining beacon of what a responsible 21st-century company should exemplify. Their commitment toward philanthropy and the greater good is unsurpassed.”

Dr. Dean and Jeanne Braa Foster

Dean Jeanne Braa Foster

Founders, Eyes on Cancer

“Eyes On Cancer equips beauty professionals to See Something, Say Something, and Do the Right Thing: Save Lives. Beauty professionals who certify and display their certificates show clients they care for their beauty and well-being.”